LinkedIn Group

Networking is one of the most successful ways to find a new opportunity. LinkedIn is currently one of the most powerful networking tools that is both free and openly accessible to join.  Get involved with professional discussions happening in your industry, areas of personal interest and find other relevant information to further your goals.
How can PSG of Mercer County’s LinkedIn group help you?
  • Network with fellow PSG professionals
  • Discuss career resources and other information
  • Share job leads via the free Job Discussions section

Ready to join the PSG of Mercer County LinkedIn group?
  1. Attend at least one PSG meeting or workshop (our only requirement!) 
  2. Start a LinkedIn account, if you don’t have one yet.
  3. Goto:
  4. Send a request to “Join”.  This is a private group for PSG of Mercer members and your request will be approved within a few days.

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