Executive Committee
David Schuchman - Executive Chair

The Executive Committee provides leadership, guidance and development of PSG of Mercer County.  It is comprised of all committee chairs, as well as, an Executive Chairperson.  The key responsibilities of the Executive Committee are to identify members who have talents needed to support the group, ensure weekly meetings and programs provide value to members, and demonstrate a spirit of community that offers information and networking opportunities to people in transition.
Executive Chair Emeriti - Katie Finneran, Irene Tan, Ed Han, Pat Monahan

Membership Committee
Alan Kirshner - Co-chair

Alicia Herelle - Co-chair
The responsibility of the Membership Committee is recruitment and retention as a means of enhancing the PSG of Mercer County membership.  The primary tasks of the Membership Committee are to register new members at weekly meetings and events, ensure the membership mailing list is current and accurate and manage our LinkedIn group.

Marketing /Public Relations Committee
Rich Pawlak - Chair
The Marketing /Public Relations Committee has the responsibility to create internal and external communications and marketing materials to promote the existence and services of PSG of Mercer County in order to increase our group’s visibility and membership. 

Training Committee
Gary Lande - Chair
The primary responsibility of the Training Committee is to ensure and find relevant topics and organize the presentations for our weekly meetings and monthly workshops.  In addition, the Training Committee prepares handouts for presentations.

Presentation Committee
Cathy Kreyche - Chair
Adding value to a member’s relationship with PSG of Mercer County by providing topical events for members to attend, selecting speakers and maintaining the yearly Events Calendar. 

Information Technology Committee
Bruce Wentworth- Chair
The Information Technology Committee creates and maintains the “technical infrastructure” for PSG of Mercer County.  This includes the group’s website, blog site, membership mailing list and LinkedIn group.

Job Resource Development Committee
Bill Pigula - Co-chair
David Steinberg - Co-chair
The Job Resource Development Committee supports the job seeker community by researching and posting information regarding local employers seeking to fill their staffing needs. The committee develops and maintains a list of organizations and access paths to company employment and career web pages.